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and treatment programs. >>> before long parents will be thinking about back-to-school shopping and maryland is offering a tax free week. tax free items can't cost more than $100. among clothings not subject to taxes are pants, shirts, shoes and pajamas. >>> lindsay lohan surrendered to the court and began her jail sentence for violating probation. we have the report from outside the press son in los angeles. >> reporter: a crush of cameras and frenzied fans greeted lindsay lohan's entrance at beverly hills court this morning. her arrival at a lynwood jail was a smaller key. >> as with any inmate, ms. lohan was treated just like any other. obviously, this crowd is a little different. >> reporter: this isn't the first time lohan has been at the lynwood sentence. shower served 84 muds for -- minutes for a dwi. this time the sentence is nod -- 90. the 24-year-old apparently consulted with celebrity lawyer robert shapiro just days ago. while many think jail is what the once rising star needs to clean up drug and alcohol problems, her father does not. >> michael spent the day praying for his daug
into western maryland right now. a live look over the capital shows a lot of sunshine. patty afternoon clouds. 76 in arlington, 93 for the high temperature. scattered late-day thunderstorms this afternoon. >>> connecticut avenue is closed between the blunt part metro, 24 st., karen lofton and daughter -- kalorama. there is police activity on connecticut avenue near the bridge that is over the rock creek parkway. things are running very nicely between fedex field and the ikea. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it will be a busy day for lawmakers on capitol hill. the first order of business is a bill to restore unemployment benefits to 2.5 million americans. >> and the democrats will soon have the votes needed to pass the $34 billion bill, is not popular with republicans concerned about the big national debt increasing. now to pamela brown for the latest. >> debate over the senate stalemate is expected to end today. until now, democrats have tried three times to overcome the republican filibuster. the replacement of the late senator robert byrd is expected to be sworn in. that could be the game ch
. we need a coastal storm off the carolinas moving inland. all ganging up on maryland and may break this pattern at least briefly. we've had showers already. not much else going on across the area. we've had sprinkles show up. we are looking at temperatures in joppa right now. down towards annapolis and eldersburg and reisterstown. there's 74. follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen because we will introduce showers and heavy storms over the next two days. >>> right now, kim brown talks about the traffic. >> thanks, justin. we don't have any traffic nor do we have delays. we have a handful of row houses. a disabled vehicle is blocking the left side of the bay bridge on the westbound side. water main bridge at pulaski highway on highland street has been open. we lack at our cameras this morning. traffic okay on the beltway. no issues on the outer loop at old court road. inner loop lanes looking good as well. traffic is doing well. here 95 both directions at 195 in arbutus. no problems southbound headed toward the capital beltway. looking at our drive times all in the g
the beltway to the 14th street bridge. no problems to report. no construction in the way. in maryland, on the inand outer loop, doing fine and wrap it up with a glance at 270. we are watching volume build around 109. that's the traffic. now back to you. >>> we are learning more about the man prince georges county police say will be remembered as one of the most notorious serial killers in our history. he worked as a part-time employee at the u.p.s. facility. kristin fisher is joining us from prince georges county with more. >> reporter: good morning. police here say they will not release his name until he is formally charged, but one investigator is already calling this person of interest the most intelligent criminal he's ever dealt with. now prince georges county police now believe a 27-year- old upper marlboro man is responsible for last year's mother/daughter murders in largo. the person of interest is accused of killing two mother and daughter and he lived with his parents within a two mile radius of both sets of victims. he worked part time at u.p.s. in landover where he met cus
degrees in washington right now. 79 in fairfax. 81 in manassas. 86 degrees in frederick, maryland. gaithersburg, 81 right now after a 53-degree start this morning. manassas, virginia, dropped down to 50 this morning. currently at 80 degrees with the sunshine. if you are one of the lucky ones, you got the tickets to watch the nationals take on the new york mets. first pitch time, 7:05. perfect baseball weather. temperature about 78 degrees at first pitch. there is the good night forecast. clear skies, temperatures back down into the low 70s by 11:00 p.m. a clear and quiet evening coming up. big warm-up arrives on sunday. the fourth of july. and by the looks of it, that big warm-up may be sticking around through much of the upcoming workweek. we'll detail that in the seven-day forecast. you need to be bracing yourself for more. perhaps near 100 degree heat coming our way very, very soon. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> about 35 million americans are expected to travel 50 or more miles this holiday weekend. according to aaa, that's a big increase from last year when fewer t
-related deaths in maryland. one victim died this week in baltimore city. the other died in june. both were elderly and had underlying medical conditions. they were found in homes without air conditioning. that brings the total of heat- related deaths this year to 10. >>> meanwhile, the summer's hot temperatures are bringing big trouble across the state. about two-thirds of maryland are in an agricultural drought declaration. they are described as moderate drought to abnormally dry. let's look live outside right now. and looking at the big flags on federal hill. and you can see the drivers outside today. and i don't know about rain. let's go to the weather center now. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> we have showers around. not anything in the baltimore region. east of us, and west of us, right now, we're kind of caught in between. but looks like things will be improving tonight and tomorrow. a few showers over the eastern shore. a little down around the salisbury. not a whole lot. but the bulk of the activity going on out west. region. that's where the bulk of our rain woul
morning in a row, western maryland, west virginia. eastern shore, upper 50s and right at the atlantic beaches, it's a cool morning but a terrific day under way with a clear sky. we'll have lots of sunshine, we certainly do need pran. it does not appear we're going to have any chance of rain all the way into next week as this enormous area of high pressure will give us plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. the low humidity will be in place through sunday and heating trend as we get into the weekend. highs today low 80s, mid-90s on the fourth of july. getting humid next week. >>> as we get under way, hard to tell from this picture, authorities were responding to an accident on the beltway inner loop. we'll look around and see what we can see. elsewhere over on the beltway, prince george's county on the inner loop and outer loop, they are still picking up the overnight road work. we're doing pretty well as friday morning gets under way. >> we are following a breaking story out of center vil, virginia, a fire ungulfed a house. look at this house. flames can be seen shooting through the r
picked up 2/3 of an inch of new rain out in bwi. but since that time look at this. maryland's most powerful radar, we'll talk about that, and look ahead to the weekend. . >> friday on "good morning maryland," need a family night out on a tight budget. . >>> some special recognition for a navy officer from baltimore who is making a difference in iraq. it's a military public affairs video showing how u.s. personnel are helping to train iraquis in palm disposal. this video is shot in northern iraq and it features senior chief petty officer kevin bukowski of baltimore. >> our whole goal here is to get the iraqui bomb disposal unit to a point where we can withdraw and they can take over and continue the mission. >> he says the training focuses not only on bomb disposal technique but also changing the tactics of enemy. >>> well baltimore's olympic hometown hero, michael phelps, will be sharing his skills when he hits the water tomorrow at baltimore's polly high school. he'll give swimming lessons to about 50 middle schoolers, kind of a partnership between his swim safe program and baltim
, derrick maxey does have a criminal record in baltimore county. >>> the maryland teenager injured in a terrorist attack in africa is recovering after a surgery tonight. mary bubala has the latest on the teenager. >> reporter: she had just had her fifth surgery. she was on a mission with her church to help people in that nation. once her condition is stable enough she will be moved back to maryland. it's unclear when that could be and emily could undergo further surgeries in africa. >> her parents are with emily and family says that she is in very good spirits. >>> polls showing the race for maryland governor a toss up. the vice president is holding a fundraiser for governor o' malley right now. people paid hundreds just to get in the door. mike hellgren has the latest and what this means for the campaign. >> reporter: president obama still very popular here in baltimore. the vice president showed up within the past half hour and he should raise a pretty penny for democrats. $250 is what it costs to get in the door. $1,000 for vip access. the vice president's motorcade rolled into
. >>> here in maryland now, a maryland police department investigating their own after allegations of excessive force during arrests. two hyattsville police officers are suspended. fox 5's maureen umeh is live in the newsroom with the edge on why their boss is so worried. >> reporter: these allegations have certainly put the officers' reputations on the line but hyattsville police chief says they also could make questions of integrity, bring that to light but the entire police department. two separate incidents two separate officers, both in trouble for crossing the line accused of using excessive force during arrests. >> we were taking them seriously. they're being formally investigated. >> reporter: one ever the incidents happened back in march along the 2900 block of hamilton street in hyattsville. officer trevor hodges was alleged to have used excessive force while arresting a subject. the other incident happened on july 3 and involves corporal steven bockard. he too was accused of excessive force in making an arrest. in other cases other officers blew the whistle. >> it's our
dealer who was murdered in maryland. she gained worldwide regard for her work restoring paintings, and investigators say she was killed in the studio she loved. john shriffen joins us from outside that studio in rockville with the latest. john? >> reporter: tonight i got a chance to speak with the victim's mother. she was too emotional to go on camera but told us that her daughter spends her life dedicated to the field of art. police say it was here behind me at this art studio where the woman was killed by the hands of a handyman who allegedly beat her, stabbed her, dumped her body in the district. and police say the murder weapon, a pair of scissors. >> anything that is applied in this world on an artistic world is from an upper god that created all of us. >> reporter: in a taped interview, the 45-year-old described her love for the arts. after graduating from high school in montgomery county, her mother says she spent the rest of her life traveling the world, studying paintings and restoring them to famous clients. but on monday d.c. police found her body stabbed, beaten with b
been seen across the area. number of heat related deaths in maryland has already reached six. that's the same number reported in all of 2009. three deaths have been reported virginia and one in the district. people have be fwup to feel it. many people celebrating the fourth of july and we know the heatwave is effecting us up and down the eastern seaboard. be careful and dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. >> thank you. looking at this day ahead. now water restrictions in montgomery could be listed later today. the sanitary commission says crews are trying repair that massive water main in potomac. people could face a find. two citations have been issues and more than 200 warnings. >> metro removed some railcars fromer is sorry. the 4,000 series cars were pulled because of problems with doors. officials say they could open while the car where is moving. these dares can. but they will get put back in service as soon as repairs are complete in two to three weeks. plain's may be getting too comfortable in the sky. there's 22 near coalitions in the first six months of the y
, it is wild. >> reporter: this person of interest is currently in custody in maryland where he is held on federal weapons charges. in prince georges county, chris fin fisher, 9 news now. >> police say that will not release this person of interest's name until he has been formally charged. that should take place time sometime next tuesday. >>> a judge who punished a cleaning woman who parked in his spot will be suspended. the court ordered him to take five days 0 off without pay. you will will be last august he deflated the tire of a cleaning woman who parked in his spot. he also left a nasty note. he pled guilty to charges of tampering with a vehicle. >>> governor o'malley and his challenger robert ehrlich were on the bay for the clam bake. it is a tradition to press the flesh and that's what the candidates were doing. >> coming here to the annual seafood festival is one of the rites of summer and it's great to be here with lieutenant governor and so many friends and we're excited about this campaign. >> our folks are really motivated. they know four years of o'malley. o'malley is not
worked at the university of maryland for many years before leeing to stay at home with her kids. neighbors remember her telling them that she was adopted and they were looking forward to adopting two of their own. they did adopt two daughters. >> she was very excited and she treat the children so well. >> we would talk about our kids and that is what i remember about her is how kind she was and how generous and how active she was in her community. >> she worked on the college park recreation board and she also created a neighborhood watch site. >>> can you log on to our web site if everything you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage. also, we have tips there on how to keep your food fresh. check out >>> other headlines, we'll find out more about last june's deadly metro accident later today when the ntsb releases its official report on the red line crash that killed nine people. metro is putting aside $30 million over three years to meet the ntsb recommendation. officials admit m
heads to poolesville, maryland this friday. if you're in the area, stop by and say hello and of course tune in for all the hometown action right here on fox a friday morning.  there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can
. >> wisdom martin in the newsroom. thank you for that. >>> developing in maryland tonight. day two of water woes across prince george's county and montgomery county. all because of this. a faulty 96-inch water main in potomac. nearly two million customers still under mandatory wrn bans tonight to -- water bans tonight to make sure there is enough water to go around. >> reporter: wssc says its crews will be working for the next couple of days. first to drain this pipe and then to repair it. they say until they're able to do that, they really need their 1.8 million customers to cut back and conserve on their water uses. right now they say not enough people are doing that. 4th of july is all about the water but with handtory water -- mandatory water restrictions for all customers right now that is taking on a whole new meaning, especially at places like the east gate swim and tennis pool. >> we definitely cut down the amount of water we use. we're definitely -- they asked us to cut down. i think we cut it down at least a third. >> reporter: the pool manager says if she hadn't read about the co
of traffic between the beltway and seminary road at duke street. where did everybody go? let's go to maryland. to the outer loop is running a speech at new hampshire ave. we will keep an eye on this side of the building. newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in southeast overnight. one victim shot in the 3500 block of 19th street and the second victim shot in the 3400 block of stanton road. both transported to the hospital and one of them in grave condition. if no suspects or motives. >>> we turn to a major cold war style trade. tens eyes are heading back to moscow in exchange for four people accused of betraying russia. we are learning more about what is going on behind the scenes in all of this. -- 10 spies getting back to moscow. >>> >> the 10 are on the way back to russia in return for four military and intelligence officers held by russia accused of spying for the west. some of these individuals are in poor health. prosecutors say that the 10 people never collected sensitive information but the cas
and maryland. do we have the m dot camera? out of easton, no problems, that's eastbound toll plaza at sandy point. very nice and easy right. bay sand is recommending that you leave after 11:00 so leave before 11:00 if you're heading back from the beach. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, lauren. >>> well new this morning, a deadly accident out on the roads in northern virginia. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of chapel road and glen cove drive if cliffton. there were six people in an suv that went off the road and hit a tree. a 31-year-old man died and five others are hospitalized. fairfax county police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash. >>> and also new this morning, a nasty accident involving a car and metro bus in south east d.c. a metro spokesperson said the driver of the car ran a light at 14th street and was t- boned by a bus. bus went on to hit one other vehicle. the were passengers on the bus at the time. one person was seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries but it's unclear whether those that were hurt were in th
, maryland, last year. police believe he used his job to pick his victims and track them down. pat collins has more on this. >> reporter: jim, they say he youed a computer to help target his victims, a thief, a robber, a killer, linked to five murders in prince george's county and possibly other crimes in other places. at a table inside police headquarters, part of the team that worked this double-double murder case, the potential suspect described as a monster. >> i think we will go down as one of the most foul criminals and murderers in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: this investigation went on for more than a year and a half. tonight we learn more about this person of interest. since he hasn't been charged we can't say his name but sources say he is 27 years old, a graduate of the university of maryland, that he has a degree in computer science technology, that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases, that he used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he's
of times. now maryland farmerser facing financial concerns struggling to save their crops from this extreme heat and lack of rain. they're looking at huge losses. >> we need water desperately. there's no moisture in that ground. >> reporter: jamie jamison and his son have 5,000 acres, mostly corn and soybeans now withering in the heat. >> this corn is really taking it on the chin pretty good now. >> reporter: the pollen is burning instead of fertilizing the corn. without rain in the next week to ten days, the poolesville farmer expects to lose half his crop. >> nobody is going to lead that -- to eat that. >> reporter: the soybeans don't look any better. >> they ought to be up to my knee. they're about half what they should be all because of the dry weather that we've had. >> reporter: these corn stalks are already beginning to die off. it has the makings of a natural disaster. in fact, maryland's department of agriculture says two thirpds of the state's -- two-thirds of the state's crops are now in moderate drought. >> for some of my compatriots, it may bankrupt them. >> reporter: a smaller
.c. and maryland area that will be without it tonight. reporting live on 10th street northeast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there are now water restrictions in place in frederick, maryland. today mayor randy mcclement asked residents to voluntarily conserve water until further notice. tend intense heat and minimal rainfall have result in lower water levels. officials suggest that people minimize the use of their garbage disposal. use refrigerated water instead of running the tap for cold drinks and use a broom, he says, instead of a hose to clean your driveway or your sidewalk. >>> another hearing planned to talk about metro's deadly crash of last summer. members of the washington area congressional delegation will meet fwri the head of the national transportation safety board. they'll learn more about the ntsb's findings and recommendations. the ntsb blamed a faulty electronic circuit and metro's safety culture on the deadly crash that killed nine people last june. >>> a toddler is in serious condition after a chemical accident. i happened this morning in the 2500 block of 17th street n
. peggy, thank you. >>> a maryland straight trooper is out on bail tonight after being charged with possessing child pornography. 47-year-old bruce tucker was arrested on friday. he's been with the force for 13 years and worked on the state's executive protection unit which protects the governor and the lieutenant governor. tucker face as number of counts including possession and distribution of child pornography. >>> the heat and humidity are at it again. will storms pop up on the radar? topper is keeping an eye on things in the weather center. >> reporter: big storms northeast of us and big storms southwest of us. let's go right to live doppler 9000. the national weather service has issued a tornado warning now in effect primarily for baltimore city and southern baltimore county until 5:30. i think you folks in anne arundel county are all right. you folks up in caroll county are fine. we'll zoom on this storm. this is the one that's prompted the warning. if you are in ellicott city or locker or baltimore, you need to take cover immediately. the storm is moving southeast at ab
. this is brought to you by mazda. take a test drive at your mazda dealer today. >>> and a maryland state trooper is charged with collecting and distributing pornography. here's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that state trooper is suspended without pay. a tip lead the police to this 47-year-old. he was a maryland state trooper of 12 years. he served on why profile details and on the laptop, the investigators found images of children. the police don't believe he took the photos. the charges of possession and distribution -- back to you. >> two current and two former students at morgan state university are charged with sexual assault. the four attacked a woman in her apartment in north 'baltimore last month. the ball mother sun reports that two play in the university marching band. >>> joe buyen makes a stop in baltimore. he was at the hilton hotel to support o'malley. and the biggest city event started at $250. the recent poll shows the governor race is at a a [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak
-- one minute. one minute to our great majority leader, congressman hoyer of maryland. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i'm pleased to follow my friend, congressman manzullo, in speaking about the importance of making it in america. . it's not about manufacturing in america, it's about succeeding in america. to make sure that america is the vibrant engine of our economy and the international economy. making things not only for americans but for all the world. and i thank mr. manzullo for his comments. americans have always looked to the manufacturing sector as a source of economic vitality and as a source of pride. and i want to thank mr. rush, who has been an outstanding leader in this congress on behalf of growing our economy, jobs for americans, good paying, good benefits for all americans. america has long prided itself in a country that makes things, and democrats and i know my republicans -- republican friends are committed to making sure that is true in the future. america agrees on the importance
. >>> 6:03. he was trusted to protect two maryland governors, now a state trooper's integrity is questioned as he faces child pornography charges. after a four-month investigation. police busted into 47-year-old bruce tucker's home. detectives say he had more than 3,000 images of children as young as 2 years old in sexually provocative positions. neighbors say they never knew the man living next door. >> these people do what they do but when you involve children it's a different issue. a child is innocent. >> there was no answer when we knocked on tucker's door and called his phone. the state trooper is now suspended without pay. >>> a deadly shooting with more than 100 witnesses. police say this morning there's still no description of the suspect. the double shooting in bel air happened early sunday and left a harford county man dead and 15-year-old girl wounded. police found the body of derrick maxey jr. right in the parking lot in the 100 block of north bond street. and police say a crowd had emptied out of a rented banquet hall at the american legion when the shootings er
is going on at the beltway here. seeing no delays, just some coming out of maryland into virginia. actually having a pretty good day. 270, just heard about a car fire that may have slowed things down. i am eric thomas. >>> coming up, seven is on your side with how the current vampire fat could be kidding -- putting kids at risk. -- vampire fad. >> there are only two world cup games left. the german of the post has made his final predictions. -- the german octopus [ male announcer ] your tv is starting to feel nervous. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the search for kyron horman continues tonight. police are narrowing in on his stepmother. his biological parents are united in their frustration
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. froms the gentlewoman from maryland rise? -- for what purpose does the gentlewoman from maryland rise? without objection. ms. edwards: here we go again. today and every day in this chamber my republican colleagues stand here and blame gems for failing to create jobs. blame democrats for failing to create jobs. right now senate republicans just like their house colleagues are blocking the passage of five critical bills that would create at least 1.5 million jobs for the american people. house republicans have the audacity to accuse democrats of not doing enough to create jobs? shame on them. i urge republican senators to vote for america competes, the small business job and credit act, the jobs for main street act, and the small business and infrastructure act to provide desperately needed jobs. if republicans are really serious about job creation, then they urge their colleagues in the senate to take immediate action and pass these bills. madam speaker, it's about 186 days since we passed our first jobs bill and still they haven't acted. it's ti
to get more crowd maryland the u.s. in the time it takes to go down to the wire, 801 babies will be born. that's 267 newborns a minute. and all those births are helping fuel a population boom. researchers say by next year planet earth will have 7 billion people. a report shows the u.s., australia, canada and new zo zealand will continue to grow because of higher birthrates and immigration. >>> a wild scene in southwest france. the bull going bonkers is the big draw. unlike spaniards at the running of the bulls, the french it seem try to stand their ground against the raging beasts and don't do too well. ouch. in france, a tour bus goes into the drink. but wouldn't you know the sunk bus became quite the tourist attraction of its own. >>> in london, you can now easily bypass a tour bus for a bicycle. in a move to go greener, the city has made bikes available for rent. all throughout the city. >>> sarah palin is getting ready for her next big book signing tour after the huk success of going rogue. the publisher unveiled this book cover today. it won't hit stores until november. >>> jill bid
on backup generators. at the u.s. naval academy in maryland, an endurance test in this heat proved too much for four mid shipmen who are now being treated for heat exhaustion. and the extreme temperatures are even keeping trains from running on time. there have been equipment lockdowns and a.c. failures, staaling service on amtrak's northeast corridor. temperatures in the hundreds and upper 90s are spreading across the country. take a look at this weather map. and you get a sense of just how uncomfortable it is out there. let's head over to new york's times square. how does it feel out there, peter? >> you know, chris, some people's mixed fortune are other people's marketing opportunity. maybe it's not 99 degrees at the moment. the real problem is the heat index that the weather channel tells us is going to reach 100 degrees. that's why if you're turning on the ac at home, keep it at 78 degrees at that opportunity. >> it's hot in georgia. we're excited about seeing new york. >> give us a sense of how you deal with the heat. you're a veteran heat expert as a georgian. what are you going to d
university law center and won a seat in the maryland senate. in 1975, he would elected president of the maryland s. in '81, he is elected to represent the congressional district. with speaker pelosi, he has kept an unrelenting focus on america's struggling workers. we look forward to hearing his thought about the right course to take. please come and join me in welcoming steny hoyer. [applause] >> thank you very much. i am always pleased to be here. i am particularly pleased to be here facilitated by the action fund. thank you very much. i had the opportunity to speak before we came in. i am always pleased to be here with my good in here from martin frost. thank you for being here. america has faced its share of trials, at times when not as our economy but our nation seemed in decline. each time with ingenuity, hard work, and are distinctly american optimism, we have built our way out and we have to emerge stronger. no one doubts this as one of those tested times. the question will be in front of us is not where we are. it is where we go from here. it is a choice between too dram
. we do have a bit of news for you, coming from the state of maryland, where there was a heat-related death reported there. the governor urging people toe take whatever steps necessary to stay cool. meanwhile, here in new york city, we checked in with con edison. we had time to spend at their command center and saw the steps they're taking to try to keep the power on. >> reporter: day four of the northeast heat wave brought some lower temperatures but not low enough in boston. >> one thing about people from here, we're not that bunch of wimps, we'll take it. >> reporter: record highs in some cities, including wilmington an philadelphia. the cities pools, filling to capacity. >> it's refreshing, it's cool. and it's keeping us from passing out in the sun. >> reporter: demand for power, a concern-n for new york where con edison has been running the emergency respond center since tuesday. inside the war room, wares departments work together to prevent blackouts. >> as you take a look around the room, you can see the center is broken up in sections. you've got logistics, customer s
year. what do you think? maryland, good morning. caller: the biggest supporters for the volt but of be ball in venezuela, iraq, iran, the people that are scared of americans coming at them and sending blackwater to plant bombs and kill 600,000 people like they did in iraq, which they continue to do. our water is turning black in the gulf just because god is punishing us for what we did over there by looking the other way when blackwater was killing all of those people, which they continue to do. all of these bombs in pakistan and iraq, oil for blackwater. it will save us from doing that for the world. i hope to god that this is a great success. it will save the world on the monsters we have created. host: thank you. "$41,000, that is more than i over my house. i would purchase a segue first before i spend that much of my car." who has insurance, who does not have health insurance? looking at a state-by-state breakdown, the number of uninsured in massachusetts is 435,000, washington, d.c., 65,000, ohio is that 1.1 million, virginia is of around 1 million, california is a 6.4 m
rossville, maryland. it registered a magnitude of 3.6. right now, there are no reports of any damage. senate hearings were start at the end of the month on the release of the convicted lockerbie bomber. he was let out of a british prison as you'll recall after doctors said he only had about three months to live because of terminal cancer. well, now doctors say he might live another 10 years. the senate foreign relations committee also wants to know more about b.p. who was lobbying apparently for his release. b.p. has a deal with libya for oil drilling off its coast. a replacement for the late west virginia senator robert byrd is expected to be announced this afternoon at 2:00 eastern time. he died in office last month. governor joe mansion says the pick will be temporary. among the possibilities are soon-to-be federal judge nick casy and former governor gaston caperton. the legislature is considering a special election in november. mansion says it's highly likely he'll run. the sooner a new senator from west virginia can get to washington, the sooner unemployment benefits will be restored to
that there has been some slight decrease in water pressure in rockville, maryland, at this point. again, we do not see people who are working to stop this. it can happen quite a distance from here as they make the effort to shut off this water. we want to show you what it looks like here. this is south glen road, i believe. you can see all that water which is just a shame to see that being wasted coming down to the ground from that 29-inch water main rolling down the road here. the good thing is, that this is a very not heavily congested neighborhood. the houses are far apart and it's hilly. that water as far as we can tell is not going into someone's basement at this point. it has not even torn up the road yet, although as these tens of thousands of gallons of water come gush out of the hole next to the road you have to worry what is happening underneath the surface of that road. earlier, i think we have video of what it looked like earlier a short time ago. don't know if we've shown you that yet. we spoke to a couple people who were trying, spoke to a couple people trying to get through this
megan mcgrath joins us from potomac, maryland, are crews are working steadily and diligently on that main. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, pat. they have repaired the pipe and are starting to put a flow of water through this water main, but they still have some work to do. they've got to backfill the hole. they've got to pour in some concrete. they're going to actually encase the entire section in a layer of concrete and put more dirt on top of it before repaving that section. still some work to be done, but the lion's share of the work, the hardest part perhaps is behind them. the big question of course is when will those mandatory water restrictions be lifted? the answer, not yet, but they're coming down the homestretch. the damaged section of pipe could be seen sitting along the side of the road this morning. the new segment is in place, and work crews have begun to partially backfill the hole. the repair work should be completed sometime today, but that doesn't mean an end to mandatory water restrictions. the pipe needs to be slowly refilled and then teste
: alex at city, maryland. independent line. caller: definitely particularly in local races. i look for independents. i am very unhappy with the direction we are going socially and fiscally, to say it is a wasted vote is equivalent of finding the winner and cast the vote in that direction. host: have you voted for them in the past? caller: absolutely. host: why is it? why are you more attracted to an independent voter? caller: because they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. host: who you point to as the candidate or politician who represents that, independent? caller: michael bloomberg. caller: he is someone you would like to see more -- michael bloombergs running? we corresponded -- caller: we corresponded by e- mail and i'm very impressed with him. host: good morning in baltimore. are you with us? one last time. all right. i am going to put you on hold here and we will come back to you in just a minute. this is also an article this morning from "roll call." outside groups aiding gop cause this cycle. this piece says that whether or not they have the dollars to make an
a look on that a little more. frederick, maryland, luann on the republican line, thank you for calling. caller: thank you for c-span. i just want to say i hope they do not cut those tax cuts. i am so disgusted with the obama administration and the amount of money that my grandchildren right now and their children will have to pay. there is no way we're going to get out of this. we need to keep those tax cuts. i just want to say one other thing before you let me go. i notice that whenever a democrat is on talking that they get to speak longer than any other republican. but i just want to say that what is happening to our country money wise with the war, with everything we see going on around us, we are not going to be in america much longe and i don't understand why people can't wake up and see that this country is going down the tubes because of all the spending. it is not republicans. don't blame the republicans. they are trying to save money not to put our children in debt, and that is exactly what is happening and it is so sad. >> listen to house speaker nancy posi for the rationale
will secretary -- agricultural secretary. helen tweets this -- >> is a call from maryland. sheila, independent line. caller: yes, my name is sheila. and all i wanted to do is share with your listeners our situation so they can see just how challenging this government is going to be, and whether you are democrat or republican or independent, we absolutely have to start holding our representatives accountable to us. it is not us and then -- us and them, it is us. we send people to washington and they are executing plans and are not held accountable. we on a farm. i family had this farm since 1771. it has been passed down seven generations. and i am in severn closing out the property we inherited from a family member who recently passed away. so, we now have two properties. the property in winslow, because these home values were run up and the phantom equity that we supposedly have by bank appraisers sent out working for banks, we now are taxed on our farm back almost a million dollars. because the taxes and property values are so high on this farm, our insurance home was put for half a million d
to justify the the investment needed. -- needed." the first call comes from jeremy, baltimore, maryland. go ahead. caller: how's it going? thank you for [no audio] host: jeremy? caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i do not think it would be the most prudent thing to do right now given our current economic standing. i think we should cut back on spending. i do not think that this would be the most prudent thing to do. not for government spending. host: you think that the private sector can do a better job at extending the reach of the internet into these rural areas it? caller: considering our government spending right now, i think it right now it would not be the most prudent thing for the government to do. we should try other means, expanding things. i think that that will probably be a lot better if we give the private industry a try. host: more from "the new york times," article in the business section this morning. "for some it will mean the difference between isolation and being connected to the rest of the world. "if you have no high-speed internet connection it is almost impossibl
the state of maryland -- my friend and colleague from the state of maryland has been active in every single issue that we have addressed in this body to deal with jobs and on the economy and it's just indeed a real pleasure for me to yield some time to her this evening because she is always very, very prepared and very knowledgeable and very intellectual formative. at this time i'd -- and very informative. at this time i yield to ms. edwards. ms. edwards: i thank the gentlelady and, madam speaker, i have to tell you, it really troubles me to be here this evening because once again we have to point to action by house democrats to bring jobs to the american people and inaction by our republican colleagues, particularly those who sit in the united states senate, who have failed to deliver on the promise of jobs to the american people. now, when president obama came into office, i think that month, madam speaker, we lost something like 750,000 jobs just that one month. after having hemorrhaged for over a year thousands and thousands of jobs, not creating a single job in this country, sooned the
, maryland, republican line, bill. caller: i know a bit about the problems. i have been in the business 42 years as a scientist. this has been a shift of offals with obama leading the way. i have been a consultant to u.s. domestic oil companies and foreign oil companies. in environmental and safety matters. i will say that american companies run to a higher standard on environmental and higher standard on safety. that is a fact because i have worked for both of them. this whole thing should not have happened in the first place, but there are thousands and thousands of oil rigs operating in the gulf safely and without problems. it is completely inappropriate for an experience and on educated government official to come in and of -- and presumably to have all the answers because they don't. the biggest problem is that there is high regulation but for the most part the regulators don't understand what they are looking at and don't know what they are doing. i have been there, done that, seen that, and i shake my head at out incompetents the government regulators are. that is what i have to say
, on line in your way. >> this week on "the communicators," the maryland attorney general and cable europe president, tonight on c- span 2. >> for a snapshot of washington and the 111th congress, the c- span congressional directory, i reference guide to supreme court justices, house members, state justices and more. online pabst -- online at c-span, bringing you a direct link to politics, history, and nonfiction books, created by america's cable companies. >> "washington journal" continues. host: susan ferrechio, from "the washington examiner," joining us to talk about the washington summer agenda. they do not have a lot of time before they break again for august. what are the top five items on their agenda before they leave again? guest: you are right, they do not have a lot of time. particularly in the house. it is the senate where most of the action takes place. it will take about five weeks. depending on whether or not they want to stick around. the big thing in this work. will be the nomination of elena kagan -- the big thing in this work period will be th
of tomorrow. despite the weekend, that is a good thing. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. this is north and west of westminster towards tawnytown getting wet. 72 easton and up towards york, pa. temperatures make it back to 92. look out for strong, heavy rain-producing storms beginning this evening. more than likely tonight and tonight. right now, let's get our first check of the roads. >> we're off to a quiet start to begin your friday commute. we're working a coup
be linked to a string of cancer cases. claims are coming from people woe live near fort dietrich in maryland. rob slater of "fox 5" takes a closer look. >> two years ago, this 30-year- old mom found out she had an aggressive form of brain cancer. then her sister was diagnosed with two binine ovarian tumors, now, her mom has an aggressive form of kidney cancer. they suspect this might be as a result of contamination at the fort dietrich army base. they live less than a mile away. >> i know that it's not a curse on our family. i know it was something put into our water, our soil, anything. >> we were showering in it. laundering our clothes. >> reporter: the family has started a campaign. at this town hall meeting, there were dozen of other families with similar stories to tell. >> my mother, brother, sister, father live within a 10-mile radius of fort dietrich and they all contracted a form of cancer of. >> reporter: if a quest for information, the family is conducting a survey of hundreds of residents. they have hired scientists to test the nearby water and soil. no one from fort dietrich was
is to go of our esteemed colleagues, steny hoyer of the maryland senate, now serving his 15th term in the house, the longest serving member of the house of representatives from maryland and history. he is known for guiding the landmark americans with disabilities act of 1990 and he is continue to fight for the rights of the disabled. congressman jim langdon -- jim langovan represents rhode island. in 1994, he became secretary of state and rhode island and served there until his first election to congress in 2000. he is a member of the house foreign services committee and chair of the strategic subcommittee. users on the committee a select intelligence and on the house committee of the budget -- he serves on the committee of the select intelligence and on the house committee on the budget. >> i appreciate the opportunity to be here. the green light is on. am i on? i appreciate the opportunity to be there -- to be here. i am also -- >> could you move the microphone closer? >> there? i am still pleased to be here. i was speaking about two giants in the promotion of the americans with
of maryland and director of economics at the u.s. international trade commission. there was this report, peter, that talked about from "the washington post" that talked about american companies sitting on more than a trillion dollars worth of cash, but not being willing to put that money toward hiring. what would make -- what would be the tipping point for them to say now i'm ready? >> they need a lot more customers. the economy is only growing maybe fundamentally at about a 2rs rate and they can cover that with productivity growth. the rest of the growth we've seen has been inventory adjustments. if you look at goods purchased off the shelves or restaurant meals, basic demand is growing maybe 2% tops. that's not enough to encourage people to invest, create new plans. they can get it out of existing employees. >> if you have the white house saying look, the stimulus is working and it takes type and we're not happy with the pace but you have to know the recovery act has saved or created about 3 million jobs if you're one of the millions out of work that your jobless benefits have expired and yo
to the gentleman from maryland, the majority leader, for the purpose of announcing next week's schedule. mr. hoyer: i thank the republican whip for yielding. on monday the house will meet at 12:30 p.m. for morning hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:00 p.m. on tuesday, madam speaker, the house will meet at 10:30 a.m. for morning hour debate and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. wednesday and thursday the house will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. and on friday the house will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. we'll consider several bills under suspension of the rules. a complete list of all suspension bills will be announced by the close of business tomorrow. in addition, we'll consider mr. taylor's bill, h.r. 1264, the multiple peril insurance act of 2009. we are also expecting to consider several items from the senate including senate amendments to h.r. 4313, the restoration of emergency unemployment compensation act, and senate amendments to h.r. 4899, the supplemental appropriations act of 2010. lastly, madam speaker, we expe
. is. >>> 911 service is now back in southern maryland this morning. for several hours yesterday afternoon, customers couldn't caught an ambulance or police. they could only get through using their cell phones. verizon says the outage was caused by a utility pole fire along route 4 in prince frederick county. service came back on around 5:00 last night. >>> gulf coast beaches are feeling the pinch from the oil spill. the beaches are usually packed with hundreds of thousands of tourists over the long holiday weekend. there are some vacationers spending july 4th on the coast but they are sharing the beach with crews cleaning up tar balls an oily sand. the coast guard is hoping the world's biggest skimmer ship will able to clean up more oily water. >>> there was a lot of violence in the run-up to yesterday's vote in mexico. it appears that while allies of president calderon won some important governor races, exit polls also showed the often decision party is making gains. >>> coming up on fox 5 morning news, do you think you would be happier way guaranteed paycheck or do you think y
for the families of the 298 kill maryland the attack. an insult to all of us what would aspire to have a just government, or even remotely just government that is clearly not in the pockets of corporations, which we all know that's our problem right now. joining us now, one of the families of those victims. they have actively fought his release. they've been kind enough to form a relationship with me going back to the release. it's a pleasure to see you both again. how is your summer? >> good. >> it's too hot in new york if you ask me. >> we're enjoying our grandchildren. >> good. the facts present themselves as it couldn't be more obvious. it needs to be let's make it as obvious as possible. this is a quote from a month after the release. the question was, the uk trade and bp deal a factor in the release. i quote him. yes, it was a very big part of that. he doesn't deny it. i'm unapologetic about that. libya was a rogue state. we wanted to bring it back into the fold. that included trade because trade is an essential part of it. and then there was the bp deal. tremendous revenue to a huge co
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